Our Company

Next Space is the main 3DreamTeam brand and trademark. Next Space, a Russian company, has managed to enter the list of Top 70 fastest developing innovative companies in the world compiled following the results of the DEMO-2010 conference in Silicon Valley (USA) and has become the winner of the Business Project 2010 contest organised by Google and Forbes in Russia. Such recognition has been achieved due to a unique platform of Next Space, a proprietary technology of 3D models building that allows for quick and efficient production of virtual copies of real objects of any complexity. In 2013, the Company became a Skolkovo Foundation resident.

Our Customers

The Team’s portfolio features major clients, such as Skolkovo Foundation, SPIEF Foundation, Town Planning Committee of Barcelona, and ANCO Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee. The Next Space team also creates virtual models of machinery for Gazpromavtomatika JSC, KAMOV JSC, and other industrial, resource, and infrastructure companies. For National Geographic Next Space performs the visualisation of the monuments of history and architecture included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Kizhi, etc.).

Our Team

Next Space team consists of professionals with experience ranging from 12 to 20 years in video game industry, simulation, GIS, 3D-modelling, and programming. Top managers of Next Space are the former heads of key departments of such companies as Telstra, 1C, NVIDIA, etc.

Meet our Team

These people create excellent projects for you

Alexander Lavrov
General Director

Member of ACM, IEEE, AIPMM, IGDA, AIAS, and Eurographics. Previously worked as Technical Director of a scientific movie studio, a few advertising studios, an architectural visualisation studio, etc. Alexander lectures at the Moscow State University of Culture and Art, as well as the British Higher School of Design. In 2008 he was awarded the Leading Scientists of the World according to the IBC. Honorary Doctor of Computer Science of Yorker International University.

Alexey Solovyov
Art Director

Recognised Russian designer. Alexey started his career in the KitArt Design Bureau in 1992. He worked in several reputable periodicals, such as Kommersant, Stolitsa, and Itogi. He participated in the launch of such brands as Coca-Cola, BonAqua, Nescafe, and ION at the Russian market. He worked as an Art Director of MAXIM and BOSCOMAGAZINE journals. In 2004, he was awarded the Man of the Year title by Rambler.

Ekaterina Lukashyova
Financial Director

Cand. of Chemical Science, Expert in Finance and Business Planning. Author of 33 scientific papers and 7 author’s patents in chemistry. High qualification in Finance is validated by certificates issued by ACCA, Arthur Andersen Centre for Professional Education (Q-Centre), and American Institute of Business and Economics. Passed the training course in project management to PMI standards. She has been working in Finance and Business Planning for over 17 years as a Head of Budget and Business Planning, including employment at the companies with a turnover of $2 billion.

Our Values

What is of paramount importance for us

  • Responsibility. If we tackle any challenge, we will produce high quality results in time regardless of any obstacles.
  • We solve relevant Customers’ problems instead of selling fashion technologies. We treat each Customer as a partner, and we help him or her to achieve the best result.
  • Activity and Initiative. We don’t just wait for someone to give us an assignment, materials, or the project. We are actively promoting the project ourselves.
  • High quality and high speed for a reasonable price.
  • Willingness to work hard and to take on new challenges. We create the new market and contribute in our own bright future and stable growth. Each of us has an interesting job that is interesting to do and that is promoting self-development.
  • Smart Solutions. Each solution should be a step forward for us and our Customers. Best practices should be used wherever possible.