Interactive presentation 3D-model

Customer: AgroInvestProekt
Timeline: March – August 2012
Country: Russia

Greenhouse complex is an agricultural innovation project of “AgroInvestProekt” in plant designed area, made for a balanced development of agribusiness activities. Next Space team created 3D model, transforming all the drawings and blueprints for the greenhouse complex into interactive 3D environment.

The finished model is an effective tool to attract new customers in the construction of similar facilities.

About the project

An interactive 3D model of the greenhouse complex is showing the interiors and exteriors of the future complex, processes and mechanisms within the greenhouses (curtaining system, ventilation, watering, etc.) Located in the territory of the administrative and storage buildings, housing complex, as well as a greenhouse, is completed with modern equipment and machinery.


To create an efficient demonstration project instrument for the greenhouse complex at exhibitions and presentations to attract new customers.

The company “AgroInvestProekt” takes part in a large number of specialized exhibitions in Russia and abroad, where the main benefits of its projects are successfully demonstrated. The usability of interactive 3D model of the greenhouse complex gives to the potential customers an opportunity to study the project in details and to make a quick decision about the contract conclusion for such objects.


Easy-to-use interactive 3D model

Such 3D models provide a unique opportunity to move freely throughout the virtual territory, to study the specificity of different objects from different distances, using the convenient navigation system and integrated information about all the objects of the complex.

An effective tool to attract new customers to the construction of similar facilities

3D model shows the possibility of “AgroInvestProekt” in the field of engineering and construction of greenhouses with adjacent infrastructure. The model provides a competitive advantage in promoting the company’s services.

Presentation materials based on 3D-models

The video presentation was created based on the finished 3D model. At the same time, the application provides functionality for independent creation of images from all over the 3D space.