Laser tube processing

Interactive presentation 3D-model

Optograd Nanotech
Timeline: January–February 2016
Country: Russia
City: Moscow


Optograd Nanotech has developed unique technologies of applying super-hard coatings on a variety of surfaces and modalities of metal surfaces by the innovative laser-plasma method (analogues do not exist at the current market). These technologies allow for radical reduction of the production costs, achievement of the extension of the service life of products, and receipt of the results unavailable to other modern methods. The company is a resident of the nuclear cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation.
In order to demonstrate a complex integrated project the end customer developed a three-dimensional interactive model running on the laptops of the company’s employees and demonstrated it to its potential customers. The accomplished visual representation allowed for demonstration of the complex processes in a simple manner.


1. Mechanical engineering:

  • automobile and tractor construction: surface hardening of steels and alloys for multiple increase of wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts of internal combustion engines, pumps, and the entire assemblies and friction pairs of parts;
  • railway


The basic focus of Optograd Nanotech is the development, implementation, and improvement of the latest laser-plasma industry oriented technologies for multiple increase of wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance of parts of machines and mechanisms, both newly manufactured and restored.