San Jorge Copper Mining Complex

Interactive 3D Model for Mac and PC

Solway Group
Timeline: April 2014 – September 2014
Country: Argentina
City: San Jorge


Solway’s largest assets include the ferronickel production plant in Ukraine, mines for the extraction of lead, copper, zinc, and gold in Macedonia, mining companies in Indonesia, and a large project developing the mature ferronickel deposits in Guatemala titled Fenix.

Project Object

San Jorge province features one of the largest copper deposits in the world. A powerful mining complex was planned for construction specifically for copper production.

Project Mission

The construction of modern mining plants is quite a comprehensive project which means involving a large number of various experts. Thus, communications between the project team, plant’s customers, public authorities, and other parties become very complicated and result in significant communication overhead expenses.
Establishing a single point of communication is a solution to this problem.

Project objectives

1. To establish effective communications between project engineers and customers for the purpose of efficient decision-making
2. To checking for design errors on the computer model prior to the plant construction
3. To demonstrate the project to the top public officials of the Russian Federation and Argentina


A detailed three-dimensional model of the plant that can be thoroughly viewed from the first-person perspective was created to address the project objectives. Modelling is performed to comply with the engineering drawings and exhibits the integrated plant to the smallest detail. Additionally, the model dynamically shows production processes, including the movement of personnel and transport. The information describing current production processes and the know-how implemented in this complex is attached to all production units.
In addition, the stages of construction of the integrated plant are demonstrated, and the real terrain around the plant is reproduced.

A special website was created for the convenience of public hearing so that any resident could download the software and get convinced that the project would not be dangerous for the environment and could meet all construction standards.

Project Features

The megatexture technology was applied to display in high detail the highlands (Andes) the complex is located in, thus allowing to change its resolution depending on the remoteness.

To achieve realistic simulation of the object and copper production processes, the project team visited a similar complex in Macedonia.

The data on the occurrence of water resources was used in this project for the first time.

Project Results

Near 10% of the initial proposal has been changed in the project due to identifying the design errors in the model.

The complex has been successfully demonstrated to the top public officials of Russia and Argentina

The project has successfully passed public hearings in the region.