Interactive presentation 3D-model

Interactive 3D model of the project “Shaytanka” River embankment, Salekhard, accurately visualizes the project of reconstruction and beautification of the city. The project has gone through several stages of development and is currently the visual embodiment not only of the reconstructed embankment, but the entire surrounding area with a future international multifunctional complex “Energy of the Arctic”, which will be built in the near future.

In the course of the project, an interactive model repeatedly experienced global changes — different architectural solutions and elements were added. However, specialists of Next Space did a great job to create a truly unique tool for presentations.

During the reconstruction, the client decided to construct the whole area with the construction of a complex of buildings and research institutions, including the Arctic Centre — high-tech architectural conglomerate on mastering and production of gas at the Lomonosov shelf.


Work to create the interactive 3D-model of Shaytanka River embankment, Salekhard, took place in four stages. In real time, architects and designers were creating the future shape of the waterfront, detected weaknesses of the project, made changes to the documentation, developed different versions of visual landscape and architectural solutions.

The complete interactive model became an excellent communication tool for the authorities, including the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets region, the patriarchs and heads of state.
Also has been developed the mobile version of the “Salekhard” for iPad, handy for meetings and working sessions. The application became very informative and includes a history of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, photos, a detailed map of the area with a directory of organizations, region weather information, the feedback form, and most importantly — an interactive map of the future territory with video materials about each object.


  • Develop a tool for visual communication on a project to transform the large BIM data into fully interactive 3D model environment.
  • Create an efficient and intuitive presentation tool for the reconstruction of one of the most significant areas of the city for decision-makers.


Interactive 3D-model is showing up the future project of the reconstruction area “Shaytanka” River embankment in Salekhard.
Interactive model of “Skaytanka” embankment accurately reflects the project of reconstruction of the embankment with its visual landscape and architectural solutions.

Visual communication tool.

By dint of using the interactive model, the future project has been studied and refined in the interactive 3D in real time. Changes have been made in the project documentation, and then applied to the interactive 3D model, while the second, third and fourth stages of its creation.

Effective project demonstration, the transformation of the large number of BIM data into fully interactive 3D model environment.

During the city or government valuable projects promotion, is important to ensure full compliance with the outcome expectations.
Decision-makers need to clearly see the result of the project, which does not allow ambiguous interpretations that can occur in case of misunderstanding the paper sketches or drawings. All participants of such a big project have to accurately envision its final result.

Next Space’s 3D model of “Shaytanka” river embankment reconstruction is successfully used for the project presentation, enabling all participants to assess the scope and quality of the expected results.