Interactive presentation 3D-model

Country: Russia
City: Moscow

Next Space team completed the second phase of the Skolkovo innovation city 3D model successfully. In the second version of the project, the district plans of the future innovation city and appearance of several buildings have been updated. Skolkovo Foundation uses Next Space 3D model to visualize the huge number of new sketches and architectural concepts on one screen. This allows them not only to follow the architectural and design work, but use the 3D model to demonstrate the future innovation city and its concept as a whole. The model was successfully used to represent the current project state at the Skolkovo Foundation town planning council meeting on December 2, 2011.


April 25, 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Skolkovo Foundation President Viktor Vekselberg witnessed the presentation of the Hypercube 3D model – the first building of the future innovation city. December 2, 2011 the Skolkovo interactive 3D model has been successfully used to demonstrate the current project state at the Skolkovo Foundation town planning council meeting.


Create the interactive 3D model of the future Skolkovo innovation city based on the existing topography using the content provided by the customer; display the city in the most realistic way; show its location relative to Minsk and Skolkovo highways as well as Moscow Ring Road; simulate all the objects and put them to their places according to the drawings and master plan.

Since the creation of the Hypercube 3D model – the first Skolkovo particle – and before the second version of the entire city project has been completed, Next Space interactive models had been used successfully to present the future innovation city at international forums, conferences, seminars, both in Russia and abroad.


3D model of the city, created on the basis of the content provided by the architectural bureaus working with the Skolkovo Foundation.
Several architectural bureaus, many local architects and foreign experts develop the architectural style and visual design of the future innovation city. That is why the concepts of different Skolkovo districts exist in separate presentations, drawings, basic 3D drafts etc. Creating the second version of Skolkovo 3D model on the basis of the content provided by the customer Next Space has changed the first version of the model, updated visual concept of several buildings and refined area segmentation. 2.0 3D model clearly displays the current state of architectural and design works on the Skolkovo innovation city project.

Interactive functional zoning map according to the accepted Skolkovo concept.
3D interactive map represents the urban project in its full scale, allowing the customer to coordinate the works successfully and allocate resources efficiently. The user can freely move around the city at a certain distance from the earth.

Detailed interactive 3D models of the Green House and the Rock buildings, as well as the Hypercube, the City Development Centre.
The user can now visit the buildings of Skolkovo, the future innovation city, and members of the public and investors can assess the prospects and scope of the project.

10 videos on the Smart City concept.
Video viewing interface is embedded in the 3D model of the Green House.