Interactive presentation 3D-model

Customer: SPIEF Fund
Timeline: MARCH – JUNE 2011
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg

Fully interactive 3D model of the Lenexpo complex. We created all the pavilions in detail, as well as the interiors existing at the time of SPIEF 2011 event. In order to allow visitors to navigate at the grounds, we have created 210 videos and diagrams of the pavilion floors, as well as a Google Earth layer with the sights of St. Petersburg for SPIEF guests.


Create a user-friendly navigation tool for SPIEF 2011 visitors.

Create a tool for internal use by the SPIEF Fund stuff, an interactive 3D model of the Lenexpo complex with convenient navigation, user-friendly interface and enhanced features. This 3D application is intended to facilitate and accelerate the process of organizing and planning for future events.

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is one of the most important annual events in Russia. Each year the forum brings together over 2,500 participants. Among them are the top managers of major corporations, important political and scientific leaders, representatives of public and media from around the world. The major economic transactions and discussions of the key issues take place during the forum.


Interactive 3D application: a complete Lenexpo model for the SPIEF Fund employees.

Detailed interactive 3D model of the complex represents a vast Lemexpo territpry to the nearest centimeter, as it looked at the time of SPIEF 2011. The total freedom of movement with a choice of a viewpoint and location.

Convenient navigation system with integrated information about all objects of the complex.

210 videos orienting the visitor to the territory of the Lenexpo were installed on the navigation panels of our partner.

Guiding videos created for the convenience of the SPIEF 2011 visitors were installed on the navigation panels by our partner. Video accurately reflects the interior and facilities design during the SPIEF 2011.

Detailed schemes of all pavilion floors