Intelligent Quarrying

Interactive presentation 3D-model

Vist Mining Technology
Timeline: September–November 2013
Country: Russia
City: Moscow


Development of the automated control system of mining and transport complexes on the basis of GLONASS satellite navigation technologies and the robot process control system for surface mining titled Intelligent Quarrying. Implementation of the Intelligent Quarrying system at mining companies will allow for automatisation of the transportation, excavation, drilling, and blasting processes to ensure that mining operations would be further carried out without human input, which in turn would significantly increase their efficiency and performance.
In this project the customer set a task to demonstrate explicitly the meaning and essence of Intelligent Quarrying, so that potential customers could understand the idea of the product intuitively. The result of the project was additionally demonstrated at the Open Innovations 2013 Exhibition and was a great success with visitors to the company’s stand.


Intelligent Quarrying is Russia and CIS countries first technology for mining operations in open pits not requiring the presence of people. It is possible to build the system applicable to the most common types of machinery in Russia and the CIS (BELAZ dump trucks, EKG excavators etc.).