Interactive Master Plan

Exhibition Interactive Three-Dimensional Installation

Customer: ZIL
Timeline: January–April 2014
Country: Russia
City: Moscow


ZIL will become the “Laboratory of the Moscow Urban Programs”. This name was given to the project which at the last MIPIM exhibition was just a concept without an approved DAP (Draft Area Plan) by one of the foreign journalists. In 2014, Moscow demonstrated much more specific plans for the development of the former automotive manufacture.

“I think that the project is successful. The first phase is the cluster of sports facilities, that is not yet a key piece of territory, but a significant percentage,” said Sergey Kuznetsov. In his opinion, this pilot project will already allow getting close to the root problem of the majority of our urban programs, e.g. the development of transport and construction of the Transport Interchange Hub (the Technopark Transport Interchange Hub will be constructed near ZIL). “Many solutions which are now practiced at ZIL will be applied in projects of development of other industrial areas,” said the chief architect.


To demonstrate the project to the general public, public authorities, and the business community almost every month within a year. To introduce changes into the project based on the results of demonstration.


The detailed three-dimensional interactive model of ZIL territory was created to fulfil the objective. The model was controlled by touch interface built in a 50 inch screen. The resulting solution was mobile, reliable, explicit, and extremely easy to operate.


Within a year the Customer visited all necessary events and demonstrated the project at major international exhibitions (MIPIM), thus accomplishing the objectives imposed by the city administration. Compared to the layout of the project, the savings amounted to more than 50% due to rapid introduction of changes into the project via the digital environment.

Customer’s Opinion

ZIL-Development LLC faced a task to organise a series of demonstrations displaying the AMO-ZIL Plant territories with a total area of over 300ha. It was necessary to change the displayed design proposals. The Company’s management decided to abandon physical models in favour of digital ones to minimise cost and time required for introduce such changes. In order to perform our assigned works we selected 3DreamTeam LLC (brand Next Space) as a contractor which has successfully proven itself on the market.
We would like to express our gratitude to Next Space for the work accomplished in terms of the development and support of AMO ZIL software and hardware package. It should be noted that all issues arising during the project were resolved quickly and harmoniously.

he Next Space company has proven itself to be a professional and reliable partner. It was an easy and pleasant cooperation with Next Space and we can recommend this company to anyone interested in getting a quality interactive product for representation of complex project data in a visual and spectacular way. In particular, the developed interactive layout attracted great attention of MIPIM 2014 exhibition visitors. In the future we plan to expand the capabilities of our stand with the help of the augmented reality technologies and of course we are going to contact Next Space again.